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785 Frebis Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206
Phones: (800)852-3251    (614)443-4821    Fax:(614)443-6919


Columbus Specialty Paper Products commits itself to providing our customers with superior products and services based on the complete utilization of our assets and technology along with the fully developed skills of the Columbus Mill Team Members

We will provide superior value to our customers by:

  • Defining and maintaining customer requirements.

  • Building and maintaining effective systems and controls that fulfill customer requirements.

  • Providing incomparable devotion to customer services.

  • Developing and refining new and/or current products to maintain business strength.

Our products are made of the finest in raw materials which provide the excellent smoothness and printability of which we are so proud.  These same premium raw materials also provide the strength needed for the superior press runnability and converting machinability for which our products are well known.

All of our regular products are manufactured in compliance with FDA 176.170 and 176.180.   They also comply with the CONEG Model for heavy metals regulations and use pulps with Dioxin levels non-detectable at 1 ppt.

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